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Event Horizon: Comic Con 2013

Tragically, I wasn’t at Comic Con this year. …It’s entirely possible I need to remind myself of the actual definition of tragic but I digress. In lieu of having actually been there I’ve collected all sorts of news and videos and photos from the panels so we can all pretend we were there together. Marvel Marvel definitely knows how to do Comic Con. Though I found their panels a bit lackluster this year, mostly because I’m not that interested in the properties they had panels for. There was a Captain America panel, which was the most interesting. But no good […]

Event Horizon – Year End Edition
Posted December 31, 2012 : Event Horizon

There were a few things hanging around that I never posted and so I’ve decided to institute a Year End Event Horizon to pull together all the flotsam drifting around. Most of it is probably irrelevant by this time. But it’s also probably interesting. and yes, I know that most of it is dated 2011. I didn’t have a Year End Edition of Event Horizon in 2011 so these things have been drifting that long. Picture of the week: Niall Matter photographed in LA in 2012. Because it’s just cool looking. TV of the week: Castle for this quote. Beckett: […]

Event Horizon
Posted December 17, 2012 : Event Horizon, Luke Evans, Orlando Bloom

Photo of the week: I was completely excited about a picture of Luke Evans and Orlando Bloom! Together! In Hobbity-type things. But then it’s not nearly as awesome of a picture as I was hoping for. So there’s two pictures of the week this week.

Event Horizon
Posted November 16, 2012 : Event Horizon, Robert Pattinson

Alright, fine. It’s another Twilight Event Horizon. Though, since the last film opens this week, you can be sure this is the last time I’ll be featuring it. And, yes, it’s odd that I talk about it so much when I’m not even really a fan. I just have a strange affection for all the craziness.

Event Horizon
Posted November 2, 2012 : Event Horizon, Robert Pattinson

It’s been a while since I posted an Event Horizon. Truth be told, after Comic Con and with most of the exciting summer releases out I wasn’t enthralled by much of the news and wasn’t coming across pictures that sparked my interest. And I’m never one to post just for the sake of posting.

Event Horizon: Comic Con 2012
Posted July 20, 2012 : Event Horizon, Henry Cavill

aka the longest blog ever. But with pictures to keep you entertained as we go.

Event Horizon
Posted April 6, 2012 : Event Horizon, Joss Whedon

Kate Winslet in a photo full of glamour and history and she looks oddly alone.

Titanic is such a modern day classic and I loved it so much when it was in theaters (still do) but

Event Horizon
Posted March 30, 2012 : Event Horizon

dammit. I wasn’t going to post anything on the Avengers this week, but then (of course) they released new photos and some of them are really cool. see the small gallery at the bottom of this

Event Horizon
Posted March 23, 2012 : Event Horizon, Jennifer Lawrence, Joss Whedon

I could have posted something from the Hunger Games premiere. Or the Lone Ranger photo that everyone has seen. Or something from SXSW like Cabin in the Woods (“I want you all to enjoy the movie

Event Horizon
Posted March 2, 2012 : Event Horizon

If you follow me on twitter then I’m hoping that about 3/4 of Event Horizon will be old news to you. Because I’m trying to get better about tweeting this stuff as I come across it. But I will also