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good theory, executed poorly
Posted December 17, 2011 : Commentary

a visual rant…

I just saw these images again, and they are a great example of good
theory, executed poorly:

Event Horizon
Posted December 2, 2011 : Event Horizon

Picture of the week: Annnnnd we’re back to the Avengers. Because this picture is hilarious and timely. Joss Whedon is renowned for his portrayal of women as strong, interesting figures

the darkness of heroes
Posted August 19, 2011 : Commentary

Kel and I saw Captain America together and it ignited an interesting conversation about the darkness of heroes.

Captain America first appeared in comics in 1941 and like Superman (who first appeared in 1938)

Iron Man
Posted July 28, 2011 : Review

I’m not a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan. In fact, I kind of dislike him more than I like him. Or, I did. But I was actually surprised at how much I liked this movie, even after everyone said again and again how good it is. I still didn’t expect to like it that much, because I generally don’t like him.

Captain America
Posted July 24, 2011 : Chris Evans, Review

I know I’m in the minority of people who really like this movie. Ok, maybe not the minority because it opened to $65M but it’s one of the few movies Kel and I disagreed on substantially so

the Comic Con phenomenon
Posted July 19, 2011 : Commentary

Kel and I have talked about Comic Con in the scheme of a marketing plan a lot. The most difficult aspect, I think, is understanding the Comic Con audience – because most executives in Hollywood aren’t geeks.

Iron Man 2
Posted June 28, 2011 : Review

This was obviously a sequel that was rushed through production. And the disheartening thing is it doesn’t seem liked execs paid attention to what really made Iron Man so successful.

There’s more action and less story. Which is a sign of a rushed script. And the idea that execs think people want more Iron Man than they want Tony Stark, which I don’t think is the case.

X-Men: First Class
Posted June 8, 2011 : James McAvoy, Review

In some ways, this was a great movie and in some ways it was uneven (though not nearly as uneven as X2). But the easy stuff first:

I wasn’t thrilled with Kevin Bacon as the villain. In theory I thought it was great, but in

Posted June 5, 2011 : Commentary

This all started when I saw Thor. And let me be clear, none of this is because the 3D in Thor was bad. Visually it was very interesting and well done. But for the first time since I’d seen

Posted May 9, 2011 : Chris Hemsworth, Review

Thor is pretty and big and fun which is good for a summer movie.

There’s some attempt at depth and you’ve definitely got great actors who are capable of it. But it doesn’t really resonate powerfully.