Event Horizon| Immortals, Twilight and Dinosaurs

Picture of the week:

Luke Evans, Henry Cavill | IMMORTALS Premiere
Luke Evans, Henry Cavill | IMMORTALS Premiere

Immortals (via Kel) opens today. I’ve seen it but will hold my review until Monday when all the box office numbers are done.

In other movie news, the premiere for Breaking Dawn part 1 is on Monday and fangirl fervor is at what is likely an all time high. Granted Twilight is like catnip but 700 people started camping out yesterday at the Nokia Theater for the premiere.

TV show of the week:

Terra Nova. I realize this debuted over a month ago, but I’m still subject to hulu delays and chasing expirations. So I just watched it this week. All 5 episodes that were available. Tonally there’s something interesting about it. Yes, there’s dinosaurs and the visual effects are cool. But it’s got more heart and depth than Jurassic Park. I think it’s because the characters aren’t one dimensional at all; the bad guy seems really good and yet his nemesis is cruel but well-intentioned – the hero, of course, is stalwart but he’s also flawed and tender and admits when he’s wrong. Two of the most interesting characters, though, are the teenagers – they bring a depth of emotion to each episode and there’s something about Landon Liboiron‘s eyes that even when he’s given simple dialogue there’s something interesting in there somewhere. Not as interesting as Wentworth Miller in Prison Break, but interesting still.


@tng_s8 because it’s clever and funny and a great way to remember a well loved show.

And finally, interview of the week

If you haven’t read it yet, Joss Whedon talks about Much Ado and Wonder Woman and modernizing Shakespeare.

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4 responses to “Event Horizon| Immortals, Twilight and Dinosaurs

  1. Syd

    So in saying that “fangirl fervor (but not the self-respecting fangirls, you know the others)” are you saying that the girls who are Twilight fans are not self-respecting?
    Is it ok any better to be in love with something say like Battle Star Gallactica than Twilight and isn’t it simply a matter of opinion? And is that to say you are not a fan of Twilight and are not going to be participating in the insanity by seeing Breaking Dawn or any of the other movies and have not read the books (several times in only the parts you really like)? And yes I think if fans sleep out on the sidealk to see the stars and have a small piece of somehting they find absolutley magical than it’s fine and totally worth it. It’s no more absurd than having an entire convention (Comic Con) to celebrate things that many others think are not worth it.

    • aj

      a – I was being factitious with the self-respecting comment 🙂

      b – I wasn’t saying girls who like Twilight aren’t self-respecting I was saying Twilight is not a respectable franchise in geekdom. And yes, in geekdom loving Battlestar Galactica or Star Trek or even (dare I say it) Farscape is more respectable. It’s a geek thing.

      Respectable or not, a lot of geek-girls like Twilight (including me or I wouldn’t bother to mention it). It’s a guilty pleasure and we can both love and shun which is part of the fun of it. I totally plan on seeing Breaking Dawn. The insanity isn’t participating in the franchise, I was asking if Twilight was worth camping out for four nights to see the stars walk by. For some people it’s yes and for some it’s no – that’s why it’s a poll.

      I manually put in a “yes” vote for you in the poll 🙂

  2. Lori

    What do you mean Breaking Dawn “Part one”? Are they releasing two movies for one book? I’m only curious, I stopped seeing the movies after the first one.

    • aj

      Yes – they broke the book into two movies. and I have to admit, they cut it in a good place – even if they’re making everyone wait an entire year for the next installment.