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Marvel Movies Ranked
Posted November 7, 2016 : Commentary

Variety recently released a ranking of Marvel’s movies thus far. So, of Kel and I were discussing it and had our own rankings and I decided to post my own list. I’ve continued to edit it and incorporate the new movies as they’re released. 1. As great as it is, I had a hard time putting The Avengers in the top spot. Because I’ve seen it a THOUSAND times thanks to my nephews. Still, it’s smart and funny with a very good balance of action and character. It really set a new standard for super hero movies – how they […]

The thing about SHIELD
Posted October 26, 2014 : Commentary

I want to like SHIELD, for a number of different reasons. I really do. I think a lot of people want to like it and just… don’t. Or at least not enough. If you think about it, it should be great. I mean, it’s Joss! Not really but at some level he was in on it. And it’s Marvel – who has great characters and makes great movies. It’s Jed and Maurissa – who wrote some of the best episodes of Dollhouse. How could it go wrong? Kel and I came across a half way interesting interview with Jeph Loeb […]

the choices that make or break fandom
Posted May 25, 2014 : Commentary

Bryan Singer had this article in SciFiNow discussing the comparisons between Avengers and X-Men. And it surprised me how wrong he is about so many things. First of all, Singer deserves a certain amount of credit for essentially creating the modern comic book film. That’s a post I’ve been meaning to write for ages and totally will. one day. soon. Anyway, he obviously has some understanding of the franchise he basically built and its relevance in the comic book world; some sense of how to treat the properties and take the material seriously. It’s dwarfed by Kevin Feige, but it’s […]

Good superheroes
Posted June 26, 2013 : Chris Evans, Commentary, Henry Cavill

I’ve had this on going conversation with a few friends, pretty much ever since Captain America. And I’ve alluded to a lot of this before. Seeing Man of Steel was the final catalyst I needed to write it outright. I’ve never been a huge fan of Superman. The character always was kind of bland to me (which will seem like a direct contradiction to everything I’m about to say). I liked the idea that Smallville would roughen the character up a some – giving him depth by giving him angst. But I feel like they never really achieved that idea. […]

the dark side of the Veronica Mars movie
Posted March 15, 2013 : Commentary

I had this idea years ago, for the record. You don’t have to believe me but Kel and talked about

Blind Spots and Expectations
Posted February 3, 2013 : Commentary

I thought the other day, despite all the movie reviews I write, I may not actually be a very good reviewer.

Which is not to say that the things I write aren’t interesting or insightful or, at the very least, fun to write. But my approach is very different than a typical film critic, I think.

I read an interview with Tarantino as part of my review of Django Unchained that got me thinking.

the heart of the matter
Posted July 27, 2012 : Commentary, Joss Whedon

I’m an emotional person. I admit it. And, I think, the older I get the more I accept that about myself and recognize that in books and in tv shows and in movies, I need to feel something in order to really connect to a story.

the opposite of aggravating
Posted July 19, 2012 : Commentary

After talking with Kel about an unpopular aggravation I realized there’s actually quite a few tv actresses that I like considerably better than most of the girls getting cast in action films.

an unpopular aggravation
Posted July 6, 2012 : Commentary

I’ve wanted to post this ever since I saw The Avengers. But the reality is, it’s something I’ve fought with for quite a while. But it’s something of a delicate topic, especially on a blog all about girls and geeks and therefore by implication empowering strong female characters and kicking ass and… stuff.

But here it is.