100 hot guys – 2013

The blog has been nothing but movie reviews for ages so it’s time to mix things up. And what better way than my annual adaptation of Buddy TV’s annual list of TV’s 100 Sexiest Men. I felt like narrowing the list even further this year than I normally do – no courtesy inclusion for popular shows or well liked guys. Just the top 20 of the top 100.

Ranking legend:
Numbers on the left are their placement this year – #1
Numbers on the right in parenthesis are their rank last year – (5)

#96 David Lyons, Revolution – since David Anders fell off the list I figured I’d add a look-a-like. david lyons 2013
#91 Matt Czuchry, The Good Wife (71) – Matt makes the list every year and I always at least mention him for sentimental reasons. He was a very good Logan.
tom  mison 2013 #87 Tom Mison, Sleepy Hollow
#82 Lucas Bryant, Haven (97) lucas bryant 2013
theo james 2013 #71 Theo James, Golden Boy – Although Divergent opens next year, he’s worth including on both the movie and tv list. At the very least, he should be in the top 10 of this one.
#69 Eric Winter, Witches of East End eric winters 2013
shane west 2013 #66 Shane West, Nikita (40)
#63 Alex O’Loughlin, Hawaii Five-O (35) – from #2 a few short years ago to #63. That’s quite a decline for poor Mr. O’Loughlin. Maybe Buddy TV gets as tired of the same guys as I do.
#55 Joe Manganiello, True Blood (7) joe mangeliano 2013
#47 Steven R McQueen, The Vampire Diaries – I just… I’m too amused by him being included not to mention it.
#51 Timothy Olyphant, Justified – I wouldn’t include him but he’s a sentimental mention for a friend.
christopher goram 2013 #47 Christopher Goram, Covert Affairs (27) – Even though he’s kind of nerdy, a good heart and fierce dedication to the gym keep him on the list.
#39 Nathan Fillion, Castle (39) – great guy, great twitter, fan favorite. but not so hot. sorry.
#38 Jesse Spencer, Chicago Fire (67) – he’s like the poor man’s Ryan Kwanten. I don’t know why I keep mentioning him.
#35 Rob Lowe, Parks and Recreation – he’s aging very well and good for him that he’s kept working through the past decade.
#34 Colin O’Donoghue – Once Upon a Time (only on my list) – so good to see Colin move up from my additions to the list this year. But he should totally be ranked higher. colin odonoghue 2013
paul wesley 2013 #30 Paul Wesley – The Vampire Diaries (18) – Paul is quickly falling into the category of still hot, still on tv but I grow tired of him on the list.
#26 Shemar Moore, Criminal Minds (54) – I feel like I can’t not mention him because he’s still very handsome and still on tv. But I just don’t watch his show.
#25 Robbie Amell, The Tomorrow People – he may be the star of the show, but he’s not that hot.
p.s. he’s the brunette. And yes, this is totally cheating.
robbie amell 2013
jared padalecki 2013 #24 Jared Padalecki, Supernatural (20)
#20 Kit Harrington, Game of Thrones (21) – only because the movie list for 2013 hasn’t come out yet. kit harrington 2013
ryan kwanten 2013 #17 Ryan Kwanten, True Blood (22)
#15 Matt Bomer, White Collar (3) matt bomer 2013
jensen ackles 2013 #12 Jensen Ackles, Supernatural (8)
#8 Charlie Hunnam, Sons of Anarchy (80) – for Kel and the other girls because I know they’d appreciate it. charlie hunnam 2013
stephen amell 2013 #7 Stephen Amell, Arrow (1)
#5 Mike Vogel, Under the Dome – I first noticed Mike on Miami Medical because I knew the LP. So it’s nice to see him on tv enough to make the list. I wouldn’t have ranked him so high, though. Certainly not above Matt or Jensen or Stephen. mike vogel 2013
luke mitchell 2013 #4 Luke Mitchell, The Tomorrow People – this worked out nicely because I don’t like any of the guys Buddy TV ranked ahead of Luke, and I’d have chosen him for #1 this year anyway.
As always, a few of my honorable mentions from last year made it onto this year’s list. But I seem to be the only one paying attention to the fabulous shows on BBC so here’s what Buddy TV missed out on.
Bradley James, Merlin – One of my long time favorites who has never made the list and now that Merlin is over may not have the chance. bradley james 2013
And of course, the knights of the round table
eoin macken 2013 Eoin Macken, Merlin – Sir Gwaine
Rupert Young, Merlin – Sir Leon rupert young 2013
adetomiwa edun 2013 Adetomiwa Edun, Merlin – Sir Elyan
Tom Hopper, Merlin – Sir Percival tom hopper 2013
charlie bewely 2013 Charlie Bewley, Nashville – Even though he’s on a US show, he still gets to be listed with the BBC boys because he’s British.
Jamie Dornan – what’s that you say? This is cheating because Jamie is in some movie next year, not on tv this year. Au contraire, The Fall qualifies him just enough to make the list again and satisfy that friend or two who may not speak to me if he weren’t included. jamie dornan 2013

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4 responses to “100 hot guys – 2013

  1. Lori

    I almost never agree with Buddy’s rankings. I question the inclusion of reality shows. And there are way too many blonds. But in complete opposition to that statement, I don’t want to live in a world where Alexander Skarsgard is ranked lower than Chord Overstreet. Wrong. And that is a terrible picture of Timothy.

    • aj

      I totally agree with you about not agreeing with Buddy TV’s rankings. And that reality shows should not be included. But then I have to disagree about the blonds (as if the list itself wasn’t evidence of that). I always like my pictures better too 🙂

    • aj

      Jason Isaacs is fantastic. And I supposed I will have to bend to popular will and include Alexander Skarsgård next year 🙂

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