Still King Of The World?

Posted October 3, 2008

Leonardo DiCaprio on why he became an actor and what he really thinks about marriage. “I feel like a whole era in my life is over,” Leonardo DiCaprio tells me. Tall and lanky, he’s one of the world’s biggest box-office stars, making $20 million a picture. But today he looks more like a young guy who just came in from doing yard work. He looks unhappy and tired. “My grandma died last week,” he says quietly, explaining his pensiveness. “I have no more grandparents. I feel that coming ahead in my life is more stripping away, for sure. I feel […]

Dakota Fanning: Working Girl

Posted October 1, 2008

Given that she’s 14 now, one might expect Dakota Fanning to exhibit just a tiny smidgen of adolescent angst. But the preternaturally excitable actress, who somehow comes off as both young and old for her age, is so sunny and positive that it’s hard to imagine her finding anything unendurable. Life, for Fanning, is apparently nonstop fun. Take, for instance, cheerleading camp, which she attended in August to prepare for her position on her high school’s varsity squad. “For four days, there are 600 cheerleaders on the field all day doing cheers and dances,” she says breathlessly. “And then you […]

Daniel Radcliffe Q&A

Posted September 24, 2008

“Stepping out the motherf**ing carr, they in awe,” says Daniel Radcliffe. “I’m looking like a starrr.” He looks up. “How was that?” Bright-eyed and bushy-browed, the British actor is gamely reciting some phrases we’ve come up with to test his American accent, in preparation for becoming a full-time New Yorker when he moves here this fall to star in the Peter Shaffer play Equus. We started with some conversational basics softened t’s (“Can I get a bottle of water?”), smashed syllables (“Look at the size of that squirrel”) and are now in the extra-credit section: Lil Wayne lyrics. Radcliffe tries […]

Dakota Fanning Quick Quotes

Posted August 24, 2008

On her down-to-earth daily life: “I have such a normal life when I’m not working . . . It’s just nice to be around people you care about and who know you best.” On acting alongside Kristen Stewart in Eclipse: “Kristen is one of my best friends, so it was really funny playing her enemy in Eclipse . . . But that’s what acting is and when they yell ‘cut,’ you can go back to your normal self.” On her favorite wardrobe staple: “In Push, I wear these Doc Martens. They’re worn-in and they’re so soft, and they’re one of […]

the things we learn from Captain Picard

the things we learn from Captain Picard

Posted August 16, 2008

I know that obviously there are a great number of things we can learn from Captain Picard. Even a thing or two we might learn from Riker 😉 But “Tapestry” was on this past week and it struck

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Posted July 29, 2008

Really there’s very little I can say about this movie, because there’s very little movie to say anything about. The characters are one dimensional. There is virtually no story (and I’m saying that about one of the Mummy movies. Wrap your head around that.) There’s a lot of action.

Dark Knight

Dark Knight

Posted July 19, 2008

This will probably be the least eloquent review of mine. Because I sort of don’t know what to say. It’s darker than what you expect, whatever you expect. I mean, yeah, if you’ve seen Memento

James McAvoy Details Q&A

Posted July 1, 2008

The Scottish actor went from making eyes at Keira Knightley to toting a semiautomatic pistol and making out with Angelina Jolie. Not a bad year. Standing in the urban equivalent of a clearing in the woods, surrounded by squat stone buildings and haloed by an enormous Kmart sign, James McAvoy looks like an extra from a production of Oliver in need of a Grande latte. It doesn’t help that he’s wearing a newsboy cap pulled down over his ears. Or that it’s one of those Dickensian days in New York when smoke-colored clouds spray a steady shower of cold rain […]



Posted June 30, 2008

Wanted is seriously badass. If nothing else, you kind of have to love that about it.

The movie follows Wesely Gibson (James McAvoy) essentially through a journey of discovering who

Angelina Jolie Wanted Q&A

Posted June 24, 2008

She’s a human rights advocate and, in summer action flick Wanted, a remorseless killer. In a frank interview, the star with the disarming and dangerous persona talks about sex, tattoos, motherhood, war, and peace Think it’s difficult finding a Father’s Day present for the man in your life? Try being Angelina Jolie. ”Brad is the hardest person to shop for,” she says while checking out a window display of Corum watches at the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat in the south of France. ”He has impeccable design taste. And whenever he sees something he likes, he buys it for himself.” Pitt’s most […]