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A lesson in trailers
Posted April 4, 2012 : Commentary, Leonardo DiCaprio

I’ve posted on what makes a good trailer before, and that hasn’t really changed. But with the 3D release of Titanic, Salon has taken the time to look at the evolution of trailers in the past 20 years with Titanic

best tv of 2011
Posted January 6, 2012 : Annual Best TV List

Normally I can’t wait to post my annual best tv list. After crossing the threshold with a tv marathon on New Year’s Eve (this year it was White Collar) it’s one of my favorite things to do.

Country Strong
Posted February 12, 2011 : Review

One thing Country Strong has going for it is that it’s authentic. It has a rambling, low key sort of atmosphere that serves the story well.

It’s also well cast (I admit, Leighton Meester surprised me). Garrett

Posted July 29, 2010 : Review

It’s kind of hard to score a movie like this, because all of the elements are different (though, sort of, they shouldn’t be which is why it comes out so low).

Stylishly directed, this isn’t so much a film as a series of performances. And the singing and dancing and

the art of the excellent trailer
Posted February 10, 2010 : Brad Pitt

I read this article in the Hollywood Reporter about the new Avatar trailer. It was just enough to push me into writing a blog I’ve thought about for some time (yes, I know it’s 3

August Rush
Posted November 25, 2007 : Review

Speaking strictly from a film point of view, August Rush wasn’t that great. The plot was thin, the characters, though interesting, were all woefully underdeveloped. My favorite moment of