The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising
Posted October 6, 2007 : Review

In some ways this was better than I expected, and in some ways not.
The first time I saw the preview I thought it looked like a fun fantasy film, not brilliant but better than Eragon.

Posted August 12, 2007 : Review

I really, really wanted to love this movie. In part because an ex-coworker was convinced it was going to be so bad all the actors in it will ask themselves, “What was I thinking?” And in part because I love fantasy

The Bourne Ultimatum
Posted August 4, 2007 : Matt Damon, Review

All the things people are saying about this movie isn’t just hype. If you read Entertainment Weekly it sounds like filming was just a wreck, which makes it all the more amazing that they created such a great, smart, slick, entertaining movie.

Becoming Jane
Posted August 4, 2007 : James McAvoy, Review

I haven’t read a whole lot of Jane Austen. Honestly, just Pride and Prejudice after I saw the Kiera Knightley movie. So, I could see elements of that story in this film – and was told there were also elements of Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion. Which, when rendering an author’s life into a story itself makes sense and is fun if

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Posted July 15, 2007 : Review

I didn’t like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I think I will probably the second or third time I see it (on video). Because the things that were done were mostly done well.

Posted July 8, 2007 : Review

Transformers is so much fun! I love Michael Bay and everything he can do visually. Actually liked the story and really enjoyed the characters.

It’s no secret that I like Michael Bay so I’m glad this ended up being a lot better than The Island.

Live Free or Die Hard
Posted July 1, 2007 : Review

or as I like to call it – Die Harder!

Yeah, it’s a little long and the jet/freeway scene is a little over the top. But mostly it’s great action and funny and a whole lot of fun.

The Queen
Posted June 3, 2007 : Review

Sometimes I think I should have been British. I have a sort of heightened sense of propriety for an American. So, I really understood and enjoyed this film. When she says,

Superman Returns
Posted June 3, 2007 : Review

I finally got to see this movie I have heard oh so much about.

At first I kept thinking Smallville – how I was momentarily surprised that Martha Kent was so old. How much I like their version of Lois Lane better. But even though they cast rather young people,

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

When I first came out of Pirates 3 wasn’t sure what I thought. But the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. I was thinking over different scenes and realizing how much I just enjoyed the film, enjoyed myself while I was watching it. It’s fun. It’s funny. The monkey was frickin’ hilarious.