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THR Actor Roundtable

Posted December 4, 2018

VIGGO MORTENSEN Chaos is always there. We try to [impose] order: We dress, we brush our teeth, we stop at stop signs. But really our world is completely crazy all the time. MORTENSEN You can’t have beautiful moments or have something great happen unless you are willing to make big mistakes, either. You have to be willing to make an ass of yourself. MORTENSEN You know, even as a kid I didn’t like being told no. It stimulates me. When I was a little kid and I realized that animals die and therefore we do, I asked my mom, “Am […]

Viggo Mortensen| Seeing Ghosts

Viggo Mortensen| Seeing Ghosts

Posted November 19, 2003

During production on his new film Hidalgo, Viggo Mortensen was so moved by the reenactment of an Indian ritual known as the Ghost Dance for the movie that he had to capture it on film himself. The resulting panoramic photos, utilizing dreamlike long-exposures, have been collected in a new book, Miyelo, published by Perceval Press. “When you have these figures, these humans, moving,” says Mortensen of his surreal technique, “you can see the echoes of their movements, their residue as they’re moving through frame…It makes their presence sometimes so thin that they become one with the landscape, one with the […]