I Am Number Four


Rating: 2.5 of 5 ★★½☆☆ 

Impressive, partly because my expectations were so low. I mean, I read the book and it was awful and the first thing I said was that it should have skipped being a book and been a screenplay straight away. Because the book had so little substance I didn’t expect much from the movie.

It delivered in ways I did expect, though with great action – the way it mingled with the special effects – that’s how I want an action movie to move! If the score hadn’t been such a misfit for the tone of the movie and if it hadn’t been over scored then the production rating would probably have been 5 stars.

It also fell short in ways I expected. Teresa Palmer was tough and all as Number 6 but she looked too much like Dianna Agron.
And the opening narrative was cheesy and heavy-handed (much like the book). But then the movie clicked and it exceeded my expectations which doesn’t happen often, so… impressive.

The thing that was most surprising was that there was any emotional resonance. But there were surprisingly sweet, emotional moments. If I were 16 this would be the perfect date movie. A nice balance of emotion for the girls and action for the guys.


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2 responses to “I Am Number Four

  1. Candace

    I am number four’s conclusion left me thinking they would or should have made a sequel.

    • aj

      They totally were hoping for a sequel and a whole franchise. The book even was set up for later books to follow. But the movie didn’t make as much money as they hoped and the second book never really materialized.