Fast & Furious 6

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Rating: 3 of 5 ★★★☆☆ 

I really liked Fast 5. And because of that I kind of have a soft spot for the Fast & Furious movies. kind of. I mean, I haven’t seen the first movie in years and would love to rewatch it. I saw the second movie and thought it was ridiculous. Have never seen the third movie. I tried to but couldn’t get past the first fifteen minutes. The fourth one is on tv all the time so I’ve seen that quite a bit and it’s fun enough on a Saturday afternoon with nothing going on. But I really expected to like 6 at least as much as I liked 5.

I mean, it has Luke Evans! That’s like half your Performance score right there for awesome casting. And the story brings Leti back, even though I’m not a huge fan of Michelle Rodriguez it provides a nice emotional core for all the action.

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And the action was mostly great. I know, it’s completely ridiculous but some of those things they do with those cars are just awesome to watch. That’s the fun in the Fast & Furious movies. But while 5 teetered on the believable side of ridiculous – 6 jumps all the way across the highway into ludicrous. And that was my biggest disappointment – so much of it was just so outlandish a friend compared it to a cartoon and I couldn’t entirely disagree. (Having seen the opening of four recently, that is completely ridiculous too so the precedent had been set.)

And it’s not that surprising of a story. There’s a couple of twists in there and not a single one was unexpected. The writing took the biggest hit from me, in fact. That’s where I put in the ridiculous elements. And the unsurprising twists. And the weird romance. I knew there was going to be some sort of interesting contradiction with Leti and the new girl. Turns out it was more odd than interesting. Though, I could’n’t knock the writing entirely because I learned that the tag ties together very nicely with the end of three. And the tag has it’s own reasons for being awesome.

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Still, it’s very fast and very pretty and very shiny. And Luke Evans! That makes for a pretty decent Fast & Furious movie.


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