My original idea for girlsspeakgeek was more of a webzine than a blog.  Something that looks at the whole sci-fi world from a girl’s point of view with interesting articles and reviews and a sense of fun; a sort of haven for the geek part of complicated and beautiful women. Where we don’t surprise anyone when we say we’re geeks and then have to pull out some arcane trivia to prove it; where we don’t have to down play our femininity to enjoy our geekdom.

But then I realized I don’t have enough content for that or the time to give to creating that much content.  So instead it’s the anonymous blog of a quiet geek living in the heart of LA.

All of the header images are courtesy of the lovely and awesome Jenah.

Several of the blog entries are the cohesive summary of conversations I have with Kel, who is a silent but important contributor.


I think, for most people, reviews are helpful if someone has seen a movie before you have and can indicate if it’s good enough to be worth your money and time. I don’t see movies before they open, so I’m not much help in that regard.

But that’s not really why I review movies anyway. For me, movie making is a mad sort of alchemy, the bringing together of different elements that on their own might be good but may or may not make a good movie in the end (or, in the inverse may not be good but somehow in the coming together make an interesting film). I like dissecting movies and examining all the different pieces and contemplating how well they all worked.

So, my reviews are more about the pulling apart of the pieces and also analyzing them as a whole. I welcome comments that create a discussion and even enjoy intelligent disagreements.

And if you’re not really interested in the alchemy of filmmaking and just wonder if something is a good movie or not, that’s ok. That’s what the stars are for.


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