John Carter

There’s been a lot of speculation about John Carter, if not by you then at least by Kel and me. Is it the sort of movie, as most people expect, that is horrendous – trite and full of weird aliens . . . → more

Real Steel

The thing I like about Real Steel is, it’s not a movie you need to make allowances for. With most action movies, you make allowances for the story or the performances or the characters . . . → more

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I almost don’t want to say anything nice about it, by virtue of it being Transformers. But there are good things in this movie that can’t entirely be ignored. . . . → more

Sherlock Holmes

I never really felt driven to see this, because I don’t really love Robert Downey Jr. and I’ve kind of been over Jude Law since 2004 (more for cheating on his wife with his nanny than the massive glut of his movies from that year). What I forgot to factor in, however, was that I really like Guy Ritchie! . . . → more

I Am Number Four

Impressive, partly because my expectations were so low. I mean, I read the book and it was awful and the first thing I said was that it should have skipped being a book and been a screenplay . . . → more

Source Code

I’ve never been a huge Jake Gyllenhaal fan, but I like him a lot more after seeing Source Code. The basics were all there for a sci fi/action movie: decent effects, unique concept, dashing leading man. And most of it worked. . . . → more

Tron Legacy

Mostly Tron: Legacy was awesome. Not great, but kind of awesome. Let me say first that I never saw the first Tron. It was just never on my radar as a kid and then I had no reason to watch it once I grew up and never . . . → more

Never Let Me Go

As much as I like to see science fiction movies outside the expected tropes of the genre I wouldn’t recommend this one. There was an interesting mystery that initially drew me in. I wanted to . . . → more


There’s really no way to talk about this movie without spoilers. If you haven’t seen it yet though, you’re one of the few but I felt the need to be clear on that anyway. I sat around yesterday trying to figure Inception out, trying to write . . . → more

The Book of Eli

The first thing I have to say about The Book of Eli is that it’s very stylishly directed. The landscape isn’t just desolate, it’s white hot from being burned by the sun. There is a epic feel . . . → more