Rating: 3.5 of 5 ★★★½☆ 

A Christopher Nolan film is never an easy thing to review. It’s full of layers and complications and philosophy. They’re always well executed. And there’s always a darkness to them. Though I almost laughed since this one basically had a Steven Soderbergh cast. Which is not to say it wasn’t well cast. Just that half of Ocean’s Eleven is in it.

Still, I respect that Christopher Nolan is one of the few filmmakers today who has the ability to film original stories; who gets to make unique films and makes them well and they make money! There’s so much potential out there for interesting stories and it’s good that at least one director continues to show it doesn’t have to be a recognizable property to be successful.

Also, I had no idea Mackenzie Foy was actually a good actress, but she and Jessica Chastain kind of own this movie.

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