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The Perils of Twilight
Posted September 18, 2010 : Commentary

An Open Letter to Guys,
(especially the I’m-a-good-guy guys)

Please don’t watch Twilight. Because it’s not real.

And I’m not talking about werewolves and vampires. I’m talking about love.

The Scott Pilgrim conundrum
Posted August 28, 2010 : Commentary

Vanity Fair had an article this week about why you should go see Scott Pilgrim. I agree with it, even if they weren’t quite blunt enough for my taste. So, here’s

girl fight
Posted May 12, 2010 : Commentary

I was watching Castle a couple of weeks ago, when Michael Trucco came on the scene and had a great fight with Beckett. That same week Chuck and Sarah got into a fight (not with each other) and Chuck said he couldn’t hit

The problem with Syfy
Posted March 18, 2009 : Commentary

I was thinking about this while driving into work this morning. But, to be fair, I’ve thought along this line often enough before just not thoroughly enough to warrant writing it down.

the things we learn from Captain Picard
Posted August 16, 2008 : Commentary

I know that obviously there are a great number of things we can learn from Captain Picard. Even a thing or two we might learn from Riker 😉 But “Tapestry” was on this past week and it struck

the complicated reality of our frayed psyches
Posted May 7, 2008 : Commentary

I can’t tell you when it first occurred to me. I think maybe someone pointed it out. But growing up I recognized that women in action films weren’t really genuine.

Now, having grown up and learned a thing or two, I can explain why. To the best of my