Unstoppable Poster Chris Pine Denzel Washington

Rating: 3.5 of 5 ★★★½☆ 

In some ways Unstoppable is a simple movie – simple plot, handful of characters in a few locations. But a movie doesn’t have to be vast or complicated to be good. You know what they say about good stories well told? Yeah – that’s Unstoppable.

Even though it’s a rather simple plot, Tony Scott keeps the pace moving, giving it a sense of energy and intensity which keeps the audience engaged. The characters aren’t particularly deep, but there are enough moments that the characters matter – it’s a lot like Independence Day in that regard and well done. And the actors are all good (even, begrudgingly Rosario Dawson who I don’t like). I liked Chris Pine before, but I kind of love him after this – those eyes are just killer.

The music and sound effects are used to great effect, building and sustaining the tension and make the train itself a character. I liked the raw, gritty atmosphere that isn’t a Hollywood glamorous version of Pittsburgh (except for Chris Pine’s eyes – you can’t escape that glamour).

I sort of love Unstoppable. of course it’s Speed with a train, but Speed is a good movie.


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