The Proposal

Proposal Poster Ryan Reynolds Sandra Bullock

Rating: 3.25 of 5 ★★★¼☆ 

You may have noticed that Romantic Comedy is not my particular genre, so I don’t know that I’m the best person to review this. Still, I’ve seen it; I have thoughts. Perhaps that’s enough.

As far as the comedy goes, it was pretty funny, though mostly in ways we’ve come to expect from these actors. Sandra Bullock handles the physical comedy of her character well. Betty White is amusing as always. Ryan Reynolds has his moments of snarky glib funny. Mary Steenbergen and the others acheive a genuine sense of family that’s endearing and really the heart of the film. There’s touching moments between all of them at different times that don’t seem contrived or overly sentimental. But Oscar Nunez is surprisingly and unexpectedly hilarious as Ramone. He pretty much steals the Comedy aspect of this Romantic Comedy.

The Romantic side of the equation is where it falls a bit short. Both Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are charming in their own ways (especially Reynolds). But I really didn’t feel they had a lot of chemistry with one another, certainly not enough to justify the ending. Which is not to say they weren’t sweet, or that they didn’t have cute moments. But there was no electricity or anything that makes you want them to end up together (because it’s a romantic comedy, that’s what we’re supposed to want despite how far fetched it seems). I just didn’t buy it. I did enjoy it though.


July 18, 2009 | Review , , | this post contains affiliate links