The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Mummy Tomb Dragon Emperor Poster

Rating: 1.75 of 5 ★¾☆☆☆ 

Really there’s very little I can say about this movie, because there’s very little movie to say anything about. The characters are one dimensional. There is virtually no story (and I’m saying that about one of the Mummy movies. Wrap your head around that.) There’s a lot of action.

At first I was really disappointed that Rachel Weiss wasn’t coming back for this part of the franchise. And then I saw the movie and realized that was probably a smart move on her part.

And I’m kind of disappointed because I enjoy the first two Mummy movies and wanted to like this one also. But the appeal of the first two is that there actually are characters who are fun and have some depth and great dynamics. They have some fun dialog, but mostly I enjoy Evie and Rick and the motley crew that surrounds them.

Dragon Emperor plays to the lower common denominators of slapstick humor, big action and flat one-liners.


July 29, 2008 | Review , | this post contains affiliate links