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The Robert Pattinson No One Noticed

Posted September 7, 2017

Robert Pattinson is one of the most recognizable movie stars on earth. But for his most recent film, Good Time, he managed to go undercover in New York. He worked in a car wash. He took the subway. “Basically was just trying to think, okay, how can you change yourself so people never recognize you once the entire time,” he explains. Miraculously, he got away with it. Here, the actor explains his method, and path to superstardom. Did you always want to be an actor?Uh, no. I was not at all into it. In fact, my drama teacher when I […]

Hero Worship

Posted July 12, 2012

They are waiting for Thor. It’s a few days before the U.S. premiere of The Avengers, which will zoom to a staggering $200 million opening weekend, and outside a downtown New York hotel, fans cluster, hoping for an autograph, an iPhone pic, a glimpse of the brawny 28-year-old Australian actor. He is Chris Hemsworth, not yet a household name but a confident bet to be one—still new enough to movies that he’s not weary of this fuss or the global promotional haul that has shipped him and his blond ­ponytail from Los Angeles to France to Russia, then Germany and […]

Sister Act

Sister Act

Posted December 1, 2011

The fabulous Fannings—Dakota and Elle—on fame at 6, couture shows at 13, and their shared obsession with reality TV. Elle Fanning Lynn Hirschberg: Elle, since Somewhere, in which you played the only child of a male movie star, you have been very busy. You’re 13—how has your life changed since Somewhere?Elle Fanning: After Somewhere came out, people started to recognize me more. Whenever I was walking down the street, they’d be like, “Oh, wow—are you Elle Fanning?” Before Somewhere, they asked me if I was Dakota Fanning, because we looked alike, and I’d say, “No, I’m her younger sister.” And […]

Dakota Fanning

Posted October 1, 2009

At 15, she’s taken on roles more emotionally charged and intellectually challenging than actresses twice her age. But when she’s not playing vicious vampires or strung-out rock stars, she’s living every girl’s high-school dream. Welcome to the double life of Dakota Fanning. The hardest thing to do in Hollywood is age gracefully. That goes double for child stars. Those not forced into early retirement are often ill-equipped to handle the pressures and temptations of celebrity. But for 15-year-old Dakota Fanning, adolescence is proving to be quite a boon. Transformed from adorable, saucer-eyed moppet into winsome ingénue, Fanning 2.0 has nabbed […]

Dakota Fanning: Working Girl

Posted October 1, 2008

Given that she’s 14 now, one might expect Dakota Fanning to exhibit just a tiny smidgen of adolescent angst. But the preternaturally excitable actress, who somehow comes off as both young and old for her age, is so sunny and positive that it’s hard to imagine her finding anything unendurable. Life, for Fanning, is apparently nonstop fun. Take, for instance, cheerleading camp, which she attended in August to prepare for her position on her high school’s varsity squad. “For four days, there are 600 cheerleaders on the field all day doing cheers and dances,” she says breathlessly. “And then you […]