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Leonardo DiCaprio| Epic actor

Posted October 24, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio looks older than you’d think. DiCaprio carries himself deliberately. He doesn’t walk; he saunters. He speaks intensely, mulling his words while locking his eyes on you. He looks all of his 30 years, if not more. There’s only a trace of the boy who starred seven years ago in the biggest box office hit of all time. “Yes, I can play younger than my age,” he says with a grin over chocolate-dipped strawberries and biscotti at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel. “But I can play characters older than I am, too. I’m not an actor who can just […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Keeps Things Light

Posted February 7, 2010

We know that Leonardo DiCaprio is an electrifying actor, an ardent environmentalist and a supermodel magnet. What hardly anyone outside his inner circle knows is perhaps the most surprising thing about him. His idea of fun is to sit around with his buddies and make up ridiculous characters and then try to do their voices. “I’m actually an incredible goofball,” says DiCaprio, whose new film, Shutter Island, opens in two weeks. “I do imitations and joke around all day. I keep things light in my life.” DiCaprio tilts his head, lifts his eyebrows and puts on a small, “I know […]

Johnny Depp Plays it His Way

Posted June 24, 2006

The defiant one: Johnny Depp has had studio executives squirming over his interpretations of how characters should be played. But “you’ve got to do what you believe in,” the actor says. It is dangerous for a rebel to be loved too much. Defiance is the troublemaker’s oxygen, and the surprise of a great big bear hug from the mainstream powers-that-be can be enough to choke it right out. There’s a temptation to wriggle free. Johnny Depp, one of his generation’s most iconoclastic actors, is in that situation now with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, the sequel to the […]

Orlando Watches Fame Bloom on the High Seas

Posted June 7, 2003

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl cruises into theaters Wednesday and provides the rising Romeo with a proper plank to show off his acting skills. “I think it’s going to make a lot of people happy and will put an end to pirate movies that don’t work,” says Bloom, phoning from Los Angeles during a break from yet another costume spectacle, next year’s Troy, shooting in Malta. It may also silence any speculation that Bloom is merely a pretty (face) framed by a pair of pointy ears. Pirates, however, takes full advantage of Bloom’s bounty of […]

Catch him if you can

Posted December 11, 2002

This is a tale of two Leos. Actually, this is a tale of two pairs of Leos. The first two Leos are the first films in almost three years from movie star and teen idol Leonardo DiCaprio, who cruised to international superstardom on Titanic, a film that broke all the records and rules at the box office. The two films are the dark epic Gangs of New York from Martin Scorsese, which opens everywhere Dec. 20, and the light and breezy Catch Me If You Can from Steven Spielberg, which opens everywhere just five days later. No movie star in […]