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Winona Ryder

Posted December 1, 1997

The most respected young actress in Hollywood is also the most unpredictable. Witness her turns as a monster masher onscreen in Alien Resurrection and as a prancing spice girl in real life. In the past year, Winona Ryder has given two eulogies. “I’ve dealt with loss for the first time,” she says, “and it’s so… strange.” One morning, sitting over breakfast in her San Francisco house, Ryder mentions the first. It was for Timothy Leary.  Three months after I was born, my dad, who was Tim’s archivist, went to see him in Switzerland, where Tim was living in exile after […]

Jeremy and Jason London

Posted February 1, 1997

Much has been made of the seemingly interchangeability of Jeremy and Jason London, the drop-dead-handsome, 24-year-old identical twins who have Hollywood calling. When Jason had to pull out of NBC’s acclaimed yet short-lived series I’ll Fly Away, Jeremy was hired to take his place. When PBS decided to film a finale to the canceled show, Jeremy was unavailable, so the producers called on Jason. Nonetheless, one is struck more by the twins’ dissimilarities. Jason, known for his roles in Dazed and Confused and Safe Passage, is rail thin and brooding, retaining more of his native Oklahoma twang than his brother. […]

River Phoenix: Strange Days

River Phoenix: Strange Days

Posted October 24, 1995

Two years after River Phoenix’s death, a new view of his troubled life emerges He seemed to stand in the shadow of pain, and sensing this from the very start of his career, directors threw him the heavy stuff. In a 1984 after-school TV special called Backwards: The Riddle of Dyslexia, 13-year-old River Phoenix played a child crushed by his secret reading impairment. The drama is slight, but River¹s portrayal is subtle, uncompromisingly real. In the following year, he made Surviving, a compelling movie-of-the-week about teenage suicide. River’s character reacts to his older brother’s death by trying to take his […]