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Dakota Fanning joins the ‘Twilight’ family

Posted November 1, 2009

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Where are you right now?DAKOTA FANNING: I’m at school. I’m hiding from any teacher that would see me on my phone right now. But technically it’s allowed because it’s before school has started. What’s it like to come back to high school now that the movie is out?That’s my life. That’s what’s normal to me. I don’t really know anything different. I’m really lucky that I get to go to school and have that normal life, and then also get to do what I love to do and be a part of really great projects. How do you […]



Posted November 21, 2008

Cinematically flawed, and in frustrating and easily avoidable ways that I unequivocally blame Catherine Hardwicke for, and a little bit Summit for hiring her.

I think the biggest problem is they made a movie for the fans. And you can’t do that