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James McAvoy, This Summer’s Most ‘Wanted’

Posted June 1, 2008

In this exclusive interview, the reluctant sex symbol talks about the physical challenges of his first slick action flick, why period dramas and blockbusters aren’t really all that different, and what it’s like working with Angelina. Calling James McAvoy a “hot Scot” probably won’t impress the Glasgow-born Wanted star, who is far more comfortable chatting about football games with friends in British pubs than he is pondering any presumed international sex appeal. “It’s completely something I brush off and laugh at,” says McAvoy with a melodious Scottish brogue, pushing a hand through his brown shaggy hair. “It’s not something that […]

James McAvoy in ‘Atonement’

Posted December 1, 2007

With his role opposite Keira Knightley, the Scottish actor solidifies his place as lead actor. In this adaptation of the book, McAvoy plays Robbie Turner, the son of a housekeeper who has grown up on the sprawling Tallis family estate in rural Surrey, England. Robbie is caught between classes. Courtesy of his mother’s employer, he has obtained a Cambridge education. But while he is invited into the Tallis family circle on certain social occasions, he will never be included in the esteemed echelons of the British aristocracy. Then on a sweltering summer’s day in 1934, 13-year-old Briony Tallis (Saoirse Ronan) […]

Troy Story

Posted June 17, 2006

A horse may just be a horse, but in Troy, it’s a lot more spectacular when paired with the likes of Orando Bloom, Brad Pitt, and Eric Bana. This epically expensive tale of passion, pride – and, of course, that face – might be one of the greatest stories ever sold. An exclusive from the Cabo San Lucas set of Troy. It isn’t pretty, what they’re doing to Orlando Bloom. He’s flung himself onto the hard-packed Mexican dirt several times now, enacting the turning point of a complex scene in which his character, Paris, has just taken a (terrible) battering […]

The muscle behind “Fight Club”

Posted August 1, 1999

“It’s a metaphor,” says Norton, who plays the film’s nameless narrator. “It’s off the charts. It’s not a photograph; it’s lurid and crazy. For me it’s always about, ‘Have I seen this before?’ And I’d definitely never seen this before. Nobody’s ever seen this before.” The first rule of Fight Club is, you don’t talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is, you don’t talk about Fight Club. The problem is, Pitt and Norton wanted to apply those rules to this interview. It’s 10 p.m on a Sunday in April. I’m in Pitt’s impeccably vacuumed trailer, parked […]

Death Becomes Her

Posted November 1, 1998

Meet Claire Forlani, a thoroughly enchanting young actress who, in a career-making role, shows Death — Brad Pitt, that is — what life is all about. While Claire Forlani and Brad Pitt were looping Meet Joe Black, tagged as perhaps the most expensive (at a reported $90 million) Hollywood romance ever made, “she was obsessing about something,” director Martin Brest says. “I was teasing her about it, and I said, ‘C’mon, Claire, don’t turn into Frances Farmer on me!’” Surprisingly, Brest’s euphemism for nutcase did not go whizzing past the young actress’s radar. Quite the opposite: Forlani let everyone know […]

The Tristan Night Away

Posted February 1, 1995

Free to emote as his vampire Louis could not, Brad Pitt ignites tears, strife and passion on the rain-plagued set of Legends of the Fall. Well, what else would you expect from an epic tragedy about three brothers who fall for the same woman? Tucked away behind a set of plywood walls, on a bed in the middle of a curling rink west of Calgary, Brad Pitt is making love. He’s got Toad The Wet Spocket’s Fear playing on the ghetto blaster, and Elizabethan beauty Julia Ormond in his arms. A hushed and diffident skeleton crew is looking on. Blue-gelled […]

Brad Pitt Is Afraid Of Sharks

Posted October 1, 1994

He’d love a Tiffany stained-glass window, and he’s been known to steal a sandwich right off a man’s plate. Confessions from the actor’s roof. It’s a shame that Brad Pitt is about to move into a new house, because, on the roof of his current place in the hills above Los Angeles, he had created a very cool bachelor pad. He’s got a sofa up here, a coffee table, a CD player, a lamp, and some candles. “What if it rains?” is the obvious question when you this sort of setup. “It gets rained on,” he says. He’s brought up […]