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Bradley Cooper Is Not Really Into This Profile

Bradley Cooper Is Not Really Into This Profile

Posted September 27, 2018

In A Star Is Born, his directorial debut, Mr. Cooper wrangles with the celebrity industrial complex. So you can imagine how this interview went. Bradley Cooper is not not happy to be on the press tour for A Star Is Born, the movie he specifically, exactingly, meticulously, perfectionistically, obsessively directed, co-wrote and stars in. He worked so hard on this movie. Every detail of it comes from a true thing — something he’s learned, something he’s seen, something he knows for sure.  What a huge bet this was; what a long haul it’s been; what a full-on occupation of the […]

Fresh Blood: Leonardo DiCaprio

Posted June 1, 2006

Is this 20-year-old actor the next River Phoenix? If not, why do we like pretending he is? The boy with the most beautiful name in Hollywood was once told by an agent to change it to Lenny Williams. More recently, producers have advised him to star in movies about teenagers who strangle their girlfriends, or in tacky, fast-money Westerns like The Quick and the Dead, which opened Friday. In his short career — he just turned 20 — Leonardo DiCaprio has seen all the twisted ways people respond to a prodigy’s gift: change it, own it.  It’s not that DiCaprio […]

The Kid Stays in the Pictures

Posted November 24, 2002

Leonardo DiCaprio gawks at celebrities. Not gawks, exactly. He’s hardly awed by them, but he watches them like an outsider. He is lounging in the half-shade on a promenade at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, gazing out toward the hotel’s outdoor restaurant, where celebrated performers are sipping drinks under cream-colored umbrellas and, above those, the high hibiscus that buffers the hotel from the clamor of Sunset Boulevard. “Man, look at that,” he says. “There’s a celebrity at every single table out there! Val Kilmer, Heath Ledger, that guy from ‘Saturday Night Live.”‘ At 28, DiCaprio has already ridden the entire […]