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Captain America Comes Home

Captain America Comes Home

Posted April 25, 2019

RURAL MASSACHUSETTS SEEMS miles removed from where you’d imagine a Hollywood superstar would want to spend the waning days of winter. The trees are bare, refrozen slush piles reach head high, and even in the midafternoon, there’s a kind of dull gloaming.  Yet here’s Captain America, Chris Evans, as he ushers me into his home, a heavily renovated farmhouse on a couple of snow-covered acres outside Boston. “Yeah, I guess this is the part of the year where you, you know, question why you live here,” he admits, laughing as he surveys the scene. But Evans, 37, loves it here. He […]

Luke Evans’ Immortals Workout

Posted November 24, 2011

Merely 4 years ago, Luke Evans was hitting high notes on the London theatre circuit. Today, he’s cinema’s go-to guy for brandishing rapiers, daggers, and a million-watt smile. It’s been a rush of blood to the head, he says, and more than a little challenge to consistently to look good and god-like. Men’s Health: Four years ago, you literally walked off a London stage and onto an airplane to play Apollo in Clash of the Titans. What do you pack when you’re hopping the pond?Luke Evans: A couple of pairs of trousers. Always a pair of shorts if I’m coming […]

An Action Hero Learns to Chill

Posted October 1, 2011

He’s the face of two blockbuster movie franchies, but Orlando Bloom’s current priority is a small set piece known as family life. It’s a role he loves. 0rlando Bloom dangled three stories above the ground for one frozen, unbearable second. It seemed as if there must’ve been a safety net, a way out. But this wasn’t a movie. It was real life. And it might have ended right there, at age 21. “It was a ‘holy s*’ moment,” the actor says today. He remembers looking down and realizing, “There’s nowhere for my feet to go!” Bloom fell. And everything went […]

The barefoot-running, hill-attacking life of Jake Gyllenhaal

Posted April 24, 2011

With the new thriller Source Code in theaters now, Jake Gyllenhaal sheds his wide-eyed wonder years and casts himself as the next leading man. Jake Gyllenhaal proves to be a man of his word, unfortunately. Yesterday he promised me a “really f**ing hard climb,” and that’s what he’s engineering now. Jake Gyllenhaal is something of a cardio monster. You might not guess this at first glance. At 6 feet and about 180 pounds, the 30-year-old is visibly in shape, but he doesn’t sport the typical road-biker, my-body-fat-is-lower-than-your-mortgage-rate frame. For his past two action roles, as the title character in Prince […]

The Garrett Hedlund Workout

Posted December 1, 2010

Skinny farm kid Garrett Hedlund transformed himself into Tron‘s hero. All it took was hard work and the threat of a skintight suit. Other kids practiced to make the track team. Garrett Hedlund didn’t have time for that, so he chased cows instead. His family’s 400-acre cattle farm in northern Minnesota was at the end of the bus route, 2 hours from school. When he arrived home, he spent his time plowing fields and mending fences. But Hedlund wanted to be the fastest kid in his grade school, so chasing wayward bovines during weekend cattle runs became his practice. “Everybody […]