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Leonardo DiCaprio On The Hard-Knock Film Education That Led To ‘The Revenant’

Posted February 1, 2016

“I’m starved, I haven’t eaten all day,” is the first thing Leonardo DiCaprio says when he arrives in a backroom at a downtown restaurant in New York. In a moment, DiCaprio has ordered what feels like everything on the menu. Even a few minutes in, you feel like you’re having dinner with a regular guy, albeit one better looking than any guy you’ve ever met, and who’s also the world’s biggest movie star. What becomes clear is DiCaprio has just as voracious an appetite for teaming with the best directors as long as they’ll challenge themselves to take the biggest […]

Man of the World

Posted January 1, 2016

These days the world-famous actor devotes much of his time and money to saving the planet, and this passion, along with his interest in history, is among the reasons that led him to star in the movie The Revenant. You frequently star in films based on real people and events in history. Why?I like stories in specific time periods. The Revenant’s era of American history was fascinating because it was this lawless no-man’s land. It defined the idea of the American frontiersman as man conquering nature. In a way, the story of Hugh Glass is about man dominating nature. Why […]

The Nine Lives of Leo DiCaprio

Posted December 12, 2015

LEONARDO DICAPRIO DOESN’T always survive. Titanic? Dead. Django Unchained? Unalive. The Departed? Departed. Romeo and Juliet? We won’t spoil that one for you, but you get the point. His new movie, The Revenant, takes the struggle not to die and really, really goes with it. In the film DiCaprio plays Hugh Glass, a real-life 1820s fur trapper who got mauled by a bear, was robbed and abandoned by his companions, and then spent months crawling to safety through the untamed American wilderness. WIRED: Watching the opening of The Revenant, all I could think was, “That looks really cold.”DICAPRIO: It was […]

Leo DiCaprio: Epic actor

Posted October 24, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio looks older than you’d think. DiCaprio carries himself deliberately. He doesn’t walk; he saunters. He speaks intensely, mulling his words while locking his eyes on you. He looks all of his 30 years, if not more. There’s only a trace of the boy who starred seven years ago in the biggest box office hit of all time. “Yes, I can play younger than my age,” he says with a grin over chocolate-dipped strawberries and biscotti at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel. “But I can play characters older than I am, too. I’m not an actor who can just […]

Leonardo DiCaprio – The Leading Man

Posted January 24, 2013

Hollywood Mavericks – The Leading Man Leonardo DiCaprio, 38 Meet the emancipated Leonardo DiCaprio, a single-name superstar who’s broken free of the shackles that constrain other A-listers: Don’t accept a supporting role? (Too late.) Never mess with a beloved classic? (Whoops.) Under no circumstances play a bad guy? (Does a virulently racist slave owner count?) “I apologize if my voice is out—I’ve been screaming all day,” Leonardo DiCaprio says from the Long Island set of Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. Taking a respite in his production office, he sounds sleepy, scratchy, and, quite frankly on this late-October afternoon, […]

Django Unchained

Django Unchained

Posted January 12, 2013

I don’t think anyone would deny that Quentin Tarantino is a talented filmmaker. He also has a style so when you go to one of his movies you pretty much know what you’re getting yourself into. So, I can’t say that Django Unchained surprised me, especially after seeing the panel at Comic Con this past year. It’s bloody and violent and even though I was expecting it, it still kind of surprised me in the beginning and a few other times. There’s course dialog but also a lot of wit and unexpected, smart lines. I do like dry humor so […]



Posted July 18, 2010

There’s really no way to talk about this movie without spoilers. If you haven’t seen it yet though, you’re one of the few but I felt the need to be clear on that anyway.

I sat around yesterday trying to figure Inception out, trying to write

How Do You Become Leo DiCaprio?

Posted February 17, 2010

You knew Leonardo DiCaprio was a movie star the first time you saw him on-screen. He keeps getting better because he watches the other movie stars he works with — and he learns. Here he talks about what he’s picked up along the way. Yeah, I can tell you what I learned from the mustard jar. When I was fifteen, I got this amazing opportunity to audition for this plum role opposite Robert De Niro and Ellen Barkin in This Boy’s Life. Before that, it was The New Lassie or a Bubble Yum commercial. They were using the mustard-jar scene […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Keeps Things Light

Posted February 7, 2010

We know that Leonardo DiCaprio is an electrifying actor, an ardent environmentalist and a supermodel magnet. What hardly anyone outside his inner circle knows is perhaps the most surprising thing about him. His idea of fun is to sit around with his buddies and make up ridiculous characters and then try to do their voices. “I’m actually an incredible goofball,” says DiCaprio, whose new film, Shutter Island, opens in two weeks. “I do imitations and joke around all day. I keep things light in my life.” DiCaprio tilts his head, lifts his eyebrows and puts on a small, “I know […]

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Year of Rejection

Posted January 9, 2009

Eleven years after their romance aboard the ill-fated Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are together again in Revolutionary Road. The superstar duo play a married couple with children trying to overcome the monotony of suburban life. DiCaprio credits Winslet with bringing them back together under the direction of her husband, Sam Mendes. Even though you and Kate haven’t worked together since Titanic you have kept in touch haven’t you?We’ve known each other since we were teenagers, and she’s remained one of my closest friends. It was Kate who brought me the novel by Richard Yates on which the film […]