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Dominic Monaghan On Joining FlashForward and His ‘Traumatic’ End On Lost

Posted October 1, 2009

I’m sure the other British actors on [FlashForward], like Joseph Fiennes and Sonia Walger, are kicking themselves for not negotiating that contract point.You know, at some point in my career, I’m sure I’ll get the opportunity to play an American, but I wasn’t sure if now was the time. I felt like I wanted to push my Englishness on the American public a little bit more and have them accept it. [Laughs] What’s it like for you to be shooting in LA?It’s the first time in my career, since I started about sixteen years ago, that I’m actually working from […]

Lost Boy

Lost Boy

Posted January 1, 2005

How Dominic Monaghan snapped out of his hobbit depression and found himself Lost. On a hilly Hawaiian road, the centuries-old trees tower over the tarmac, forming a green pavilion that dwarfs the Toyota Prius driven by twenty-eight-year-old Dominic Monaghan. He interrupts his anecdote about fleeing from Paul McCartney at an Oscar party and marvels at the verdant world around us. “Isn’t that great?” Monaghan says with a grin. “It’s like the Shire.” He spent almost two years in New Zealand filming the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Now he’s part of the ensemble on Lost. Charlie is a pleasant bloke […]