The Celebrity

Posted June 1, 2006

He lured the paparazzi to Africa, where people really needed the attention. If it wasn’t for Brad Pitt, most Americans would never have heard of Namibia. They might not know about AIDS orphans in South Africa, or the plight of children in Haiti, or what transpired at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Pitt, 42, has been a movie star for 15 years—and a paparazzi target for nearly as long. Celebrity mags have made millions reporting on his love life, and the obsession only intensified when he began romancing Angelina Jolie. So he started fighting back—but not by punching […]

Wentworth Miller Unlocked

Posted April 1, 2006

Far from his white-knuckled predicament inside the walls of Fox River State Penitentiary, Prison Break‘s hero Wentworth Miller, 33, kicks back in a Greenwich Village photo studio. When asked about your race, what do you tell people?I say I’m of mixed race, and if they ask for specifics, I rattle off the details: My mother is Russian, French, Syrian, Lebanese and Dutch; my father is African-American, Jamaican, English, German and part Cherokee. How difficult was it dealing with racism growing up and now trying to find roles in Hollywood?I’ll find myself standing in the company of someone who will make […]

The Epic Life of Orlando Bloom

Posted November 24, 2005

Don’t be fooled by his bohemian dress and freethinking ways (or by the fact that he’s very, very good in a very unperiod new movie): Orlando Bloom is the Errol Flynn of our time Orlando Bloom sits (eating unripe blueberries), having his morning tea on what could be the patio of a modest little house anywhere in the world. But little things everywhere hint that this is a partly fictional realm. Bloom is swathed in one of the long scarves he favors, covered in trinkets, and wearing combat-weight black boots, but because he has become so extraordinarily well-known for playing […]

Women We Love

Posted October 1, 2005

Keira Knightley Does This Thing with Her Mouth… In her movies, she does this thing — her pout breaks into a precariously wide smile, retracts into what looks like a sob, and then somehow transforms into an adoring half laugh. It’s an endearing little quirk. The mouth thing can mean many things to many people, but what it usually signifies is that Keira no longer despises you. She has realized that her hatred was actually love all along. There’s little chance of that happening this morning, in a quiet café near Keira’s London home. Still, I’m dying to see that […]

Fans of Fanning

Posted July 1, 2005

Dakota Fanning is most powerful actress in Hollywood — We analyze the precocious 11-year-old actress’s rise to stardom. You think we’re kidding. But stay with us here. By the end of 2005, she will have starred in three major movies this year — Hide and Seek, War of the Worlds, and the upcoming Dreamer — and, for street cred, the indie Nine Lives. She out-acted Tom Cruise and Robert De Niro (and was given equal billing as the Raging Bull legend in some Hide and Seek ads), and there’s already genuine Oscar buzz for her WOTW performance. Since 2001, her […]

Bachelor No. 1

Posted June 28, 2005

Everybody’s taken with this Troy boy. … Troy’s young lover has been ranked higher on Yahoo!’s Buzz Index than Brad Pitt, Viggo Mortensen and Johnny Depp, People’s reigning Sexiest Man Alive. That’s even more impressive when you consider that Bloom rose to the top while acting alongside those actors in Troy, The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean, respectively. Who else would even get noticed next to those guys? Mortensen, for one, is happy to hand off the heartthrob torch: Any phone numbers women pass him, “I give to Orlando,” he says. Bloom has explained that he […]

Sex on the Beach with Orlando Bloom

Posted May 1, 2005

The action star of Kingdom of Heaven is dyslexic, accident-prone, in pain from a dozen broken bones, intimidated by heartthrob fame and a Buddhist ready to get in your face if you don’t let him live life to the fullest Orlando Bloom drops anchor about 200 yards off the shore of Bequia, an island just south of where he and Johnny Depp are filming back-to-back sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean. Though his personal assistant and trainer decide to take a leisurely kayak ride to shore, Bloom chooses to swim. A race to the beach is suggested to make things […]

Canterbury Tales

Posted May 1, 2005

Growing up in the historic English cities of Canterbury and London may explain why dashing young actor Orlando Bloom is so well-suited for epic films like the upcoming Kingdom of Heaven. Once upon a time, in the verdant county of Kent, in the city of Canterbury, England, a boy was christened Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom, after 17th-century composer Orlando Gibbons. Alas, this Orlando, being from Canterbury, where Geoffrey Chaucer based his famously unfinished tales, would soon take a more dramatic turn with his life. Having excelled in local plays at an early age, he moved to London at 16 to […]

The times of their lives: starring Wentworth Miller

Posted February 1, 2005

RW: Your first major film, The Human Stain, dealt with race and identity, so I know it’s something you’ve spoken about at length. Is it a subject you’re sick of talking about?WM: I was when the movie came out. Part of me thought, I don’t want to be forever linked with this issue as an actor. But at the same time I thought the movie spoke to such important and often unaddressed issues that it was necessary to talk about it. I’m very proud of The Human Stain, but it was not a critical or commercial success; I think part […]

Lost Boy

Posted January 1, 2005

How Dominic Monaghan snapped out of his hobbit depression and found himself with Lost On a hilly Hawaiian road, the centuries-old trees tower over the tarmac, forming a green pavilion that dwarfs the Toyota Prius driven by twenty-eight-year-old Dominic Monaghan. He interrupts his anecdote about fleeing from Paul McCartney at an Oscar party and marvels at the verdant world around us. “Isn’t that great?” Monaghan says with a grin. “It’s like the Shire.” He spent almost two years in New Zealand filming the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Now he’s part of the ensemble on Lost. Charlie is a pleasant […]