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On her down-to-earth daily life: “I have such a normal life when I’m not working . . . It’s just nice to be around people you care about and who know you best.”

On acting alongside Kristen Stewart in Eclipse: “Kristen is one of my best friends, so it was really funny playing her enemy in Eclipse . . . But that’s what acting is and when they yell ‘cut,’ you can go back to your normal self.”

On her favorite wardrobe staple: “In Push, I wear these Doc Martens. They’re worn-in and they’re so soft, and they’re one of the only ones that were made with a zipper. That has affected my style in a completely new way. Now I wear them every day.”

On the career legacy she hopes she’ll leave: “I hope people will have been moved by something that I’ve done or [that I’ve] helped somebody through a hard time . . . and that I’ve stayed true to who I am and have been a nice person.”

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