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Shiri Appleby Returns to ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ as Director

Shiri Appleby Returns to ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ as Director

Posted March 18, 2019

“It was great to have a hand in shaping this Liz’s story,” Appleby says of directing Jeanine Mason in an alternate version of her own breakout role. Roswell, New Mexico is billed as the second adaptation of Melinda Metz’s book series, rather than a remake of the 1999 show Roswell, which aired on The WB and UPN for three seasons. Accordingly, the new show has forged its own narrative path in its eight episodes to date. The season’s ninth episode features original series star Shiri Appleby returns to the fold as director. Appleby first threw her hat in the ring for the […]

Supernatural Sexy. Scary. Over?

Posted April 24, 2009

In the intense universe of fandom surrounding Supernatural — the CW series that follows the chisel-jawed Winchester brothers — there are ”Sam girls” and ”Dean girls.” Websites chronicle every scrap of minutiae (including the fellas’ sweet ride, a ’67 Chevy Impala), and bloggers dig around casting directors’ sites looking for snippets of scenes to post online (they’ve even managed to spoil entire scripts). One creative fan actually showed up on set in an orange vest, pretending to be a production assistant. ”They gave her a walkie-talkie!” recalls Ackles. ”She worked the entire day there until somebody finally figured it out. […]

Wentworth Miller Unlocked

Posted April 1, 2006

Far from his white-knuckled predicament inside the walls of Fox River State Penitentiary, Prison Break‘s hero Wentworth Miller, 33, kicks back in a Greenwich Village photo studio. When asked about your race, what do you tell people?I say I’m of mixed race, and if they ask for specifics, I rattle off the details: My mother is Russian, French, Syrian, Lebanese and Dutch; my father is African-American, Jamaican, English, German and part Cherokee. How difficult was it dealing with racism growing up and now trying to find roles in Hollywood?I’ll find myself standing in the company of someone who will make […]

The times of their lives starring Wentworth Miller

Posted February 1, 2005

RW: Your first major film, The Human Stain, dealt with race and identity, so I know it’s something you’ve spoken about at length. Is it a subject you’re sick of talking about?WM: I was when the movie came out. Part of me thought, I don’t want to be forever linked with this issue as an actor. But at the same time I thought the movie spoke to such important and often unaddressed issues that it was necessary to talk about it. I’m very proud of The Human Stain, but it was not a critical or commercial success; I think part […]

Life as we knew it

Posted September 24, 2004

Ten Years ago ABC’s angsty gem My So-Called Life began its short — but groundbreaking — run, and teen dramas would never be the same. There are some TV shows that last for years and years, and when they finally go away, they’re barely missed. And then there is the phenomenon of the TV show that dies quickly but leaves an indelible mark. Ten years ago, ABC fielded such a show: My So-Called Life, produced by the thirtysomething team of Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz, premiered on Thursday, August 25, 1994 and was quickly reduced to ratings rubble by another […]

Buffy’s Boo! Crew

Posted October 1, 1999

The Writers EW: Do you identify with specific characters?WHEDON: I identify with Giles a great deal. Because dealing with this world and these actors, every now and then I feel terribly British — slightly appalled by everything I see. I can’t believe I’ve been put in charge of these people, none of whom pay any attention to me. Do you think of Buffy as a feminist role model?Absolutely. The idea was, let’s have a feminist role model for kids. What’s interesting is you end up subverting that. If she’s just an ironclad hero — ”I am woman, hear me constantly […]

Patrick Stewart| The Next Generation

Posted November 19, 1994

The proper British actor who invented Captain Picard and is bringing him to the big screen talks about the agony of Star Trek costumes, the ecstasy of a certain country music songstress and the oddity of being mistaken for Ben Kingsley. When Stewart opens the door, I’m struck dumb by how handsome he is. He’s wearing faded jeans and a gray T-shirt. His feet are bare. He’s got a gray goatee. His posture is impeccable. “You’re so much taller than I pictured you to be,” I blurt out, standing in the doorway and not moving. “And I’m not even tall,” […]

Wil Wheaton

Posted December 17, 1991

I’m waiting for Wil Wheaton out in front of the Columbia Bar and Grill and beginning to wonder if he’s going to show up. He’s already canceled a day at the beach, a lunch in Beverly Hills, and an afternoon at his house in La Crescenta. Since he is almost a half hour late, I suspect he’s going to blow off interview attempt number four. Just when I’m ready to leave, Wil pulls up in his truck, tumbles out, and shuffles up the restaurant’s walkway. “Sorry I’m late,” he says, pushing his hair out of his doelike like chocolate-brown eyes. […]