the outlaws of sherwood ride again

Qpid is on Scifi tonight! It’s the only Q episode I’ve never seen and the one piece I always felt was missing from my ST:TNG lexicon. So, I’m watching it!

I protest sir. I am not a merry man!

And since I’m on a ST:TNG tangent, here’s a list of my favorite episodes, for fun.

1. Menage Troi – Lwaxana, Troi and Riker, a couple of Ferengi and Wesley saving the day. How does it get better than that? Also, the second episode I ever saw and much better than The Most Toys (the first I saw) so I have a particular affection for it.

2. The Game – Ashley Judd, Robin Lefler’s Laws and Wesley gets a girlfriend and helps Data save the day.

3. Darmok – for a dozen reasons. Because I like the metaphoric language. Because I like the stories they tell. Because that moment, where Picard says, He who was my friend through adventure and hardship is lost to me forever, I know that. I realize that’s only 3 but I really can’t explain the other 9 coherently.

4. Deja Q – because I have to have a favorite Q episode, obviously. Q flustered and vulnerable and Corbin Bernsen and Data laughs.

5. Tapestry – this is a new addition to the list. I like Picard’s willing recklessness and laughing, even relishing, being stabbed through the heart. There’s something delightfully poetic about it.

Honorable mention goes to The High Ground (for Finn’s speech to Dr. Crusher and because I’ve seen it a thousand time when we didn’t have tv) and Peak Performance (because I like the gamesmanship in it) and Future Imperfect (because again, I’ve seen it a thousand times and it’s smart).

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