The Angelina Jolie Gap
Definition: The age divide seperating those women who love Angelina Jolie and those who kind of despise her.
Non-Title Example: N/A

The Godzilla Factor (name still pending)
Definition: I care so little for the characters they could all die and it wouldn’t bother me.
Non-Title Example: Lost, at any point after season 2

The Johnny Depp Track
Definition: Insisting on taking “interesting” roles at the expense of your career
Non-Title Example: Robert Pattinson
(see also: The Brad Pitt Method and The Julia Roberts Road)

The Terriers Effect
Definition: The need to have an attractive person in a tv show/movie in order to keep viewers interested in the story.
Non-Title Example: Alcatraz
(fun fact, Alcatraz originally had a relatively cute boy in it but he was cut from the pilot for some odd reason. He was only a guest star so he was half way out the door anyway, but I’d like to think that once the show progressed they would have recognized the need for a stable replacement).

The Nolan Variable
Definition: The need to emotionally engage in a story
Non-Title Example: I only have Christopher Nolan examples so far.

The Logan Lerman Complex
Definition: A guy in his 20s who could be considered cute but who looks far too young in all his pictures and therefore needs to grow up a bit before he can be considered crush-worthy.
Non-Title Example: Zac Efron when he was 25

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