Joss vs JJ

I should have written this blog a year ago. Back then it was easy to delineate the merits of Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams as producers. Their body of work (and the behind the scenes stories of them) clearly showed characteristics of their . . . → more

Event Horizon

Immortals, of course, opens today. I’ve seen it but will hold my review until Monday when all the box office numbers are done. In other movie news, the premiere for Breaking Dawn part 1 is on Monday and fangirl fervor . . . → more

Can geekdom be conditioned?

I’m sure that it can be, just as most anything can be conditioned into a human being given the time, intention and opportunity. But some people are just wired certain ways. I didn’t have an . . . → more

the outlaws of sherwood ride again

Qpid is on Scifi tonight! It’s the only Q episode I’ve never seen and the one piece I always felt was missing from my ST:TNG lexicon. So, I’m watching it! . . . → more

the things we learn from Captain Picard

I know that obviously there are a great number of things we can learn from Captain Picard. Even a thing or two we might learn from Riker 😉 But “Tapestry” was on this past week and it struck . . . → more

no one speaks my language anymore

I was hanging out with Julia and Simon the other night and I realized something. I started thinking about common languages. My most cohesive language community was in college. The best way . . . → more