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Posted November 29, 2007 : Review

I’d heard so much hype about this movie, I expected it to be great. It totally wasn’t.

August Rush
Posted November 25, 2007 : Review

Speaking strictly from a film point of view, August Rush wasn’t that great. The plot was thin, the characters, though interesting, were all woefully underdeveloped. My favorite moment of

Elizabeth the Golden Age
Posted October 20, 2007 : Review

I liked this movie a lot. It has it’s flaws, it’s choppy, jumping from scene to scene with little fluidity. The consipiracy is muddled and still scarce. It never fully feels like it has

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Posted October 20, 2007 : Brad Pitt, Review

slowest, most boring movie EVER. I was so disappointed. seriously, I fell asleep during it. Granted, it was only for about two minutes but still; it’s a movie you can fall asleep in.

Becoming Jane
Posted August 4, 2007 : James McAvoy, Review

I haven’t read a whole lot of Jane Austen. Honestly, just Pride and Prejudice after I saw the Kiera Knightley movie. So, I could see elements of that story in this film – and was told there were also elements of Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion. Which, when rendering an author’s life into a story itself makes sense and is fun if

The Queen
Posted June 3, 2007 : Review

Sometimes I think I should have been British. I have a sort of heightened sense of propriety for an American. So, I really understood and enjoyed this film. When she says,

The Good Shepherd
Posted December 27, 2006 : Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, Review

I liked the way the story unfolded. At first I was fairly confused but I trusted that it would eventually make sense. And most of it did. But I still have questions. There were nuances and characters from the first parts that I’m not exactly sure who was who and what was really going on, underneath the plot points.

The Prestige
Posted November 26, 2006 : Christian Bale, Review

The Prestige is an incredibly smart and intriguing film; very well made. It’s kind of like a magic trick because it tells you exactly what it’s going to do and then you’re still surprised and fascinated when it does it. Which is just masterful, to craft a film about magic that effects you like a magic trick. How cool is that?

Minority Report
Posted June 21, 2002 : Review

I read this in a Variety review I think, and it really resonated for me.