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Posted October 27, 2012 : Review

Argo is one of those hard movies to analyze because a lot of things were really well done without having a significant impact, at least on me.

Trouble with the Curve
Posted September 22, 2012 : Review

Maybe I don’t watch enough dramas, but Trouble with the Curve feels a little like a more traditional sports movie, like from the 80s and 90s. The kind that don’t exist anymore. Maybe it’s because it has all the elements of an old school sports movie

The Lucky One
Posted September 21, 2012 : Review

I’ve never watched a movie as piecemeal as The Lucky One. There isn’t really an entire scene in the whole movie. It’s 2 lines of dialog and moving on. A nice shot of someone running or walking, moving on. Three lines of dialog… I’m not even exaggerating. I think there were maybe five scenes or less where there were more then 3 lines of in the entire movie. Which is a death knell for a romantic, character movie like this. Because we never really experience the characters. We see them for an hour and a half. We get glimpses through […]

Posted September 28, 2011 : Brad Pitt, Review

Moneyball is not your typical sports-inspirational movie. And I guess that’s to be expected from Aaron Sorkin. Though, I can’t remember if Sorkin wrote the draft that Sony abandoned or if he

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Posted June 28, 2011 : Review

I have to admit, I was surprised by this movie, and that doesn’t happen often. I should have probably given it an extra half star, just for that. But it’s not at all what I thought it’d be from the marketing.

I didn’t like the first Wall Street when I had to watch it in college.

Posted March 21, 2011 : Review

This movie has a colossal fatal flaw that I can’t discuss without spoiling everything.

The Invisible
Posted March 21, 2011 : Review

For starters, this movie is not what it was marketed as. At all.

Oddly, after the big lie that was the trailer, the movie was more emotional than I expected.

The King’s Speech
Posted February 12, 2011 : Review

Good, quiet sort of British film.

Country Strong
Posted February 12, 2011 : Review

One thing Country Strong has going for it is that it’s authentic. It has a rambling, low key sort of atmosphere that serves the story well.

It’s also well cast (I admit, Leighton Meester surprised me). Garrett

The Social Network
Posted October 2, 2010 : Review

Sorkin and Fincher took a premise that should be anti-cinematic, turned it into a movie full of almost entirely dialog and still managed to keep it engaging and have great energy. It’s an