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X-Men Days of Future Past
Posted June 16, 2014 : James McAvoy, Review

I did not expect to love Days of Future Past the way I did. The concept was complicated and convoluted. There were stories from the set about the script changing or this or that going wrong. I didn’t love any of the earlier films in the franchise, even though X-Men was always my favorite cast of comic characters growing up. I actually feel like a lot of the franchise was really mishandled prior to this film. But that’s the cool thing about Days of Future Past – it’s this remarkable reset button. And it’s actually an X-Men movie done well. […]

The Losers
Posted April 28, 2010 : Chris Evans, Review

damn that was cool! I admit I went in with low expectations. Comic book movie, probably some graphic violence, very little story and hollow characters, right?! But The Losers is smart and