The Tourist

Rating: 4 of 5  

The Tourist is a lovely mix of silliness and intrigue and romance. The bad guy isn’t who you expect, or at least not completely. There’re two conceits that you kind of have to just accept (the van and the train), but they’re small and everything else is so fun, I’m perfectly willing . . . → more


Rating: 3.25 of 5  

The most significant thing to say about this movie is that it would have been terrible if Tom Cruise had starred in it as originally planned. Because he’s good at being a pop icon and worked well in his youth for things like Top Gun and Days of Thunder (both Jerry Bruckheimer . . . → more


Rating: 3 of 5  

Wanted is seriously badass. If nothing else, you kind of have to love that about it.

The movie follows Wesely Gibson (James McAvoy) essentially through a journey of discovering who he is. His world as a mild mannered accountant is well established in the beginning. I kept thinking how much I couldn’t . . . → more

The Good Shepherd

Rating: 2.75 of 5  

I liked the way the story unfolded. At first I was fairly confused but I trusted that it would eventually make sense. And most of it did. But I still have questions. There were nuances and characters from the first parts that I’m not exactly sure who was who and what was . . . → more