Brave | Pixar

Rating: 3 of 5  

I don’t know why I bother rating animated movies, except that in some ways these reviews are my own version of collecting movie stubs.

But I can’t really rate directing. I know it happens and I know it’s important but I don’t really understand how it works in an animated film. Production . . . → more

Cars 2

Rating: 2.75 of 5  

Cars 2 is another of those animated movies that’s so hard to score. I mean, it’s cute and sweet for kids.

I didn’t hate it. But I can’t really score the directing or production very well because they were good enough.

But there also wasn’t anything remarkable about this film. It wasn’t . . . → more


Rating: 3.75 of 5  

I shouldn’t be surprised that I loved Up, because Pixar is very good at what they do. But I don’t generally love animated movies so I didn’t expect much.

I didn’t expect really adorable characters that were surprisingly easy to relate to and care about. And I don’t even like dogs, so . . . → more

Shrek 3

Rating: 2.5 of 5  

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Shrek 2, so I actually was sort of looking forward to Shrek 3.

It’s cute and kind of fun, pretty much what you’d expect from Shrek. But I don’t think it had the fun energy that 2 created with such good music. Ok, particularily . . . → more

Happy Feet

Rating: 2.75 of 5  

He’s so accidentally cool

I finally saw Happy Feet. Normally I don’t watch animated movies in theaters, simply because I don’t enjoy them enough to make it worth the effort. But Elijah Wood was in this one and I have inherited a fondness for him from my sister and an old roommate . . . → more