100 hot guys – 2014

So, I didn’t quite manage a wildly interesting post between the hottest movie guys and the hottest tv guys of the year. But, you’re not really complaining about a flood of hot guys, are you? Yeah, didn’t think so. Therefore, I present to you my annual adaptation of Buddy TV’s annual list of TVs 100 . . . → more


Rating: 3.5 of 5  

A Christopher Nolan film is never an easy thing to review. It’s full of layers and complications and philosophy. They’re always well executed. And there’s always a darkness to them. Though I almost laughed since this one basically had a Steven Soderbergh cast. Which is not to say it wasn’t well cast. . . . → more

50 hot guys – 2014

The movie list is clearly late this year. I’ll have to think of something wildly interesting to post between this list and the tv list or my blog will have become just hot guys and then more hot guys.

One of the great things about the movie list is that it offers variety. Except for . . . → more

The thing about SHIELD

I want to like SHIELD, for a number of different reasons. I really do. I think a lot of people want to like it and just… don’t. Or at least not enough.

If you think about it, it should be great. I mean, it’s Joss! Not really but at some level he was in . . . → more

X-men Days of Future Past

Rating: 4 of 5  

Since my review of Days of Future Past takes the time to explain the good and the bad of this film, I’ve decided to use this space to highlight what’s not in the movie.

– Rogue I’ve never thought Anna Paquin was well cast as Rogue. She got the role because . . . → more

the choices that make or break fandom

Bryan Singer had this article in SciFiNow discussing the comparisons between Avengers and X-Men. And it surprised me how wrong he is about so many things.

First of all, Singer deserves a certain amount of credit for essentially creating the modern comic book film. That’s a post I’ve been meaning to write for ages and . . . → more

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Rating: 3.5 of 5  

There were a lot of things in Captain America: The Winter Soldier that were a lot of fun. Not the least of which is Captain America himself. They’re in my review. But siince it was a little bit political thriller I found myself wishing it was a little more like a Marvel . . . → more


Rating: 3.25 of 5  

My rating of Divergent would make it seem like a nice, average, run of the mill kind of movie. But if you read my full review you’ll see it’s actually a slightly impressive adaption. Because apparently YA books are hard to adapt.

But what Hollywood is finally figuring out (how many adaptations . . . → more

best tv of 2013

A friend asked me this year what my New Years tv marathon would be. I hadn’t really found a good one yet, because I feel like I’ve already seen everything I like. Quite a few times. I’d just finished s5 of Merlin which has been my favorite holiday indulgence for a while so there wasn’t . . . → more

100 hot guys – 2013

The blog has been nothing but movie reviews for ages so it’s time to mix things up. And what better way than my annual adaptation of Buddy TV’s annual list of TV’s 100 Sexiest Men. I felt like narrowing the list even further this year than I normally do – no courtesy inclusion for popular . . . → more