Event Horizon

Welcome to the Thanksgiving edition of Event Horizon. The Black Friday madness has come and gone, since most sales are over by 1pm, and now it’s time to turn our eyes back to the wonders of the entertainment industry.

Picture of the week: Just in time for the new year, or ok maybe a month early, Filmart offers a men of sci-fi calendar to inspire your 2012.

Interview of the week: Stepping away from the Avengers (just for a bit) Henry Cavill had an interesting piece in the Los Angeles Times (yes two weeks ago – leave me alone! I can’t do everything cool in one week so sometimes slow weeks get old fun.)

#FF @TheNeilJackson because he’s funny and sweet and rocked Stargate! and did I say handsome? he’s that too – favorite tweet:
neiljackson tweet

2 comments to Event Horizon

  • kel

    great article! i loved the bit about russel crowe, the inspiration that he was, and that the two of them now get to work together. what a colliding of worlds. and cavill’s bit about back then vs. now was simple but insightful…how so many elements are the same and that those are the elements that make great stories. despite the fact that i’m not a huge fan of the superman still (of which most is not cavill’s fault), i’m nonetheless excited to see another take on the superman franchise. time will tell…

    • aj

      I thought you’d like that interview 🙂

      And I totally posted it on the strength of that quote about great stories! I like that it shows some depth to him that his works hasn’t really displayed yet. It has to be a hard balance wanting to play big, fun, career-making roles and also tell great stories since those two so rarely go hand in hand.

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