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Searching for Stardom

There have been a surprising number of articles recently discussing the art of making a movie star (if you consider Feb and March recent in June). It’s an occasionally discussed topic, especially whenever you start comparing the current slate of “movie stars” against the old guard.

Green Lantern
Posted June 18, 2011 : Review, Ryan Reynolds

This is more what super hero movies have the potential to be. Because action and special effects are easy, decent story is a bonus, any sort of character depth is astounding and applaudable. But this adds thematic depth to the mix which is new and sort of brilliant.

The Proposal
Posted July 18, 2009 : Review, Ryan Reynolds

You may have noticed that Romantic Comedy is not my particular genre, so I don’t know that I’m the best person to review this. Still, I’ve seen it; I have thoughts. Perhaps that’s enough.

Definitely, Maybe
Posted January 25, 2008 : Review, Ryan Reynolds

Best romantic comedy I’ve seen in a long while. More romantic than comedy…endearing, and charming… There are two things that really work about this movie and it’s a good thing too