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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
Posted November 18, 2012 : Dakota Fanning, Review, Robert Pattinson

I don’t even know what to say. And it’s not because I was shocked by the twist ending because I was surprised at how it manifest itself but I was also expecting something.

Posted October 27, 2012 : Review

Argo is one of those hard movies to analyze because a lot of things were really well done without having a significant impact, at least on me.

Posted October 6, 2012 : Review

There are so many things I want to say about Looper I don’t even know where to start.

The thing about good movies is that you can analyze them inside and out. You can draw out narrative parallels that maybe were or were not actually intended. You can talk in circles about

Trouble with the Curve
Posted September 22, 2012 : Review

Maybe I don’t watch enough dramas, but Trouble with the Curve feels a little like a more traditional sports movie, like from the 80s and 90s. The kind that don’t exist anymore. Maybe it’s because it has all the elements of an old school sports movie

The Lucky One
Posted September 21, 2012 : Review

I’ve never watched a movie as piecemeal as The Lucky One. There isn’t really an entire scene in the whole movie. It’s 2 lines of dialog and moving on. A nice shot of someone running or walking, moving on. Three lines of dialog… I’m not even exaggerating. I think there were maybe five scenes or less where there were more then 3 lines of in the entire movie. Which is a death knell for a romantic, character movie like this. Because we never really experience the characters. We see them for an hour and a half. We get glimpses through […]

The Bourne Legacy
Posted August 25, 2012 : Matt Damon, Review

The Bourne Legacy is a decent reboot. They worked hard to incorporate elements from earlier films and while somethings worked considerably better, others didn’t.

The Dark Knight Rises
Posted July 21, 2012 : Christian Bale, Review

The Dark Knight Rises is a Christopher Nolan movie and so it’s very well made, structurally sharp, intelligent and takes the time to actually say something interesting. But there’s very little emotion in it.

The Amazing Spider-man
Posted July 7, 2012 : Review

History Lesson: Spider-man was the first superhero I ever knew. Of course he had his amazing friends who I liked a lot and sometimes the X-Men who were interesting. But Spider-man was the central figure in my superhero world and even back then I knew the difference between the lead and the supporting players.

Posted June 23, 2012 : Review

I don’t know why I bother rating animated movies, except that in some ways these reviews are my own version of collecting movie stubs.

Snow White and the Huntsman
Posted June 4, 2012 : Chris Hemsworth, Review

I’m predisposed not to like Kristen Stewart. But I really wanted to like Snow White and the Huntsman so I hoped, at the very least, she’d be good enough not to ruin it. I thought: Please let her be flat. Please let her be unemotional. I’m ok with either of those. (I ought to have just come out and said, let her be Jessica Biel but it only just occured to me). If I’d had any foresight