Event Horizon

Artist Otis Frampton imagines for us what an animated series of BSG might look like.

He even had the decency to draw Helo. . . . → more

Real Steel

The thing I like about Real Steel is, it’s not a movie you need to make allowances for. With most action movies, you make allowances for the story or the performances or the characters . . . → more

The Adjustment Bureau

We need more action romances so it becomes its own genre. As much as I talk about fun work stuff, I try not to get into the nitty gritty of some of it because, honestly, that can spoil some of the fun of it and also tends to create cynicism. But . . . → more


There’s really no way to talk about this movie without spoilers. If you haven’t seen it yet though, you’re one of the few but I felt the need to be clear on that anyway. I sat around yesterday trying to figure Inception out, trying to write . . . → more

Dark Knight

This will probably be the least eloquent review of mine. Because I sort of don’t know what to say. It’s darker than what you expect, whatever you expect. I mean, yeah, if you’ve seen Memento . . . → more

no one speaks my language anymore

I was hanging out with Julia and Simon the other night and I realized something. I started thinking about common languages. My most cohesive language community was in college. The best way . . . → more

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

To begin with, if you’ve read the book, let go of everything you know. This is a completely different creature. But it’s good. It’s very good. I so don’t even know where to begin. I’ve read the book, possibly 2 dozen times. I . . . → more

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

National Treasure: Book of Secrets is fun and has it’s moments, but the whole film could have been as good as those few moments. I guess I should begin with the opening, which was rather brilliant. The fade from . . . → more

Kingdom of Heaven

The only review I really have of the theatrical cut is a quote from Entertainment Weekly’s review of Kingdom of Heaven – May 13, 2005. There were a lot of things I liked about it and a lot of things I was . . . → more

Elizabeth the Golden Age

I liked this movie a lot. It has it’s flaws, it’s choppy, jumping from scene to scene with little fluidity. The consipiracy is muddled and still scarce. It never fully feels like it has . . . → more