an unpopular aggravation

I’ve wanted to post this ever since I saw The Avengers. But the reality is, it’s something I’ve fought with for quite a while. But it’s something of a delicate topic, especially on a blog all about girls and geeks and therefore by implication empowering strong female characters and kicking ass and… stuff. But here it is. . . . → more

Searching for Stardom

There have been a surprising number of articles recently discussing the art of making a movie star (if you consider Feb and March recent in June). It’s an occasionally discussed topic, especially whenever you start comparing the current slate of “movie stars” against the old guard. . . . → more

the rise and fall of Jerry Bruckheimer

We’re on the cusp of summer movie season and what better way to celebrate than to take a look at the man who, for all intents and purposes, defined the modern day blockbuster. You can argue with me about that assertion, if you like, but let’s look at a few facts. . . . → more

unseen judgement

For the record, I have not seen Cabin in the Woods. But I did read the script about 3 years ago (Jan. 30, 2009), so this post is based on that version of the script and the thoughts I wrote . . . → more

The Angelina Jolie Gap

I came across an interesting phenomenon sometime last year. It actually was a bit of a surprise, but the more I talked to people about it, the more I discovered there’s this interesting gap when it comes to Angelina Jolie. . . . → more

The Terriers Effect

I realized the other day that I’ve mentioned The Terriers Effect and even tweeted about it, but never really explained it. Ok, so upon searching a bit I’ve actually only tweeted about it once . . . → more


Gladiator is more interesting now then it ever was when I first saw it in May of 2000. Because now I have the context of Ridley Scott’s later films (Kingdom of Heaven and Robin Hood) so it’s fascinating to see him working out a particular aspect of his world view. . . . → more

good theory, executed poorly

a visual rant… I just saw these images again, and they are a great example of good theory, executed poorly: . . . → more

the highs and lows of fantasy

I had this whole plan to write a post this month about December fantasy films because for years I’ve loved a good fantasy film in the winter. With the completion of the Harry Potter franchise . . . → more

the feminism of breaking dawn

I’m almost done with Twilight. No, that’s not true. There’s going to be another movie next year and it’ll start again, but for now I’m almost done. . . . → more