Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Rating: 3.5 of 5 ★★★½☆ 

There were a lot of things in Captain America: The Winter Soldier that were a lot of fun. Not the least of which is Captain America himself. They’re in my review. But siince it was a little bit political thriller I found myself wishing it was a little more like a Marvel version of Spy Game.

Also, I was really surprised at how closely it edged toward an R rating. All of the killing reminded me of Face/Off but with less blood. And there were a few curse words I was surprised were so obvious as to being very close to being included. I think I would have preferred a lot less killing because even though they’re big, action, super hero movies they’re also sort of undeniably family films and I think they should respect that and not stand so close to the edge in their rating.

While I mostly liked the action, I think I would have loved it if there was just a bit more Joss Whedon in it. A Joss Whedon-Marvel-Spy Game starring Captain America. That would have been awesome!

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