100 hot guys – 2011

This year, more so even than years previous, I want to reorder Buddy TV’s annual TV’s 100 Sexiest Men list. But I will list the boys according to their ranking and then let you rearrange the poll at will with your voting.

Also, as a side note, I suspect Buddy TV hired a little sci fi-er because who else watches anything on Syfy, let alone Haven, Eureka and Alphas?

Ranking legend:
Numbers on the left are their placement this year #1
Numbers on the right in parenthesis are their rank last year (5)
An asterix in the parenthesis indicates they didn’t make my list last year.

Comment if you find someone new on this list you’ve never noticed before.

#83 – Hugh Dancy, The Big C

Apparently, he doesn’t have hair in The Big C (and I wouldn’t know, I don’t watch it) but he’s so much cuter like this. And also, British. I’ve seen him in enough movies, I get to include him without actually watching the show.

#72 – Lucas Bryant, Haven

I totally thought I was going to have to make him an honorable mention because I didn’t think anyone else watched Haven. But no, it’s not just me.

#69- Austin Nichols, One Tree Hill (31)
#61 – Mark Paul Gosselar, Franklin and Bash
#59 – Jason O’Mara, Terra Nova

I wasn’t sure if I wanted Jason on my list or not. But I do enjoy the trailer for One for the Money so I figured why not.

#58 – Matt Czuchry, The Good Wife

I was a bit shocked that it’s taken Matt so long to make this list – all the way from his days on Gilmore Girls, through Veronica Mars I totally should have included him earlier. maybe if I watched the show more I’d have thought of it…

#49 – Shane West, Nikita (71)
#47 – Niall Matter, Eureka

Niall was totally on my list last year – it’s good to see him progress by becoming “official”

#44 – Chace Crawford, Gossip Girl
#42 – Jesse Spencer, House (62)
#40 – Matt Lanter, 90210 (40)
#38 – Paul Wesley, The Vampire Diaries (18)

really?! this not nearly a good enough number for Mr. Wesley

#37 – Shemar Moore, Criminal Minds (45)
#36 – Jared Padalecki, Supernatural (15)

This is better than he did in 2009 when he was 41, but still too high a ranking. Maybe they think they have to give him a number big enough to support his height (yes, I made a giant joke, what of it?)

#28 – Ryan Kwanten, True Blood (27)
#27 – Ryan McPartlin, Chuck (28)
#19 – Joshua Jackson, Fringe (9)
#16 – Jensen Ackles, Supernatural (14)
#12 – Michael Trucco, Fairly Legal

another of my honorable mentions from last year! I’m suddenly shocked there weren’t more guys from Battlestar Galactica on the 2009 list. where was their little sci fi-er then?

#10 – Gabriel Macht, Suits
#9 – Alex O’Loughlin, Hawaii Five-O (2)
#5 – Christopher Goram, Covert Affairs (37)
#1 – Matt Bomer, White Collar (5)

And of course the men that should have been on their list but weren’t in no particular order:

Bradley James, Merlin

I know it’s a BBC show, but he’s totally worth an international exception, right?!

Will Estes, Blue Bloods

This isn’t a great picture of him, but trust me he’s cute. Or watch Blue Bloods, either way.

Teddy Sears, Blue Bloods

I first noticed Terry on Blue Bloods but once I went to look him up I realized he’d been all over tv in 2011. Which means there’s a good chance he’ll be on the “official” 2012 list and not just my “should have been” section

Martin Henderson, Off the Map
Neil Jackson, Make It Or Break It (65)

He was totally on their list last year. I don’t know who bumped him off but there several of their choices who were *not* sexier than Neil.

Jamie Dornan, Once upon a Time
David Anders, Vampire Diaries and Once Upon A Time

As long as David is speaking with a British accent, he deserves to be on any list

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